What is Absolute Truth? Truth Without Lies!

Let me help you understand what Absolute Truth is and what you should only accept as Truth. Stay far away from peoples opinions, feelings, and emotions… and personal beliefs… and people who say there are many truths or different versions of truth. There is only one version of 100% absolute truth based on all the facts and all the evidence. Any other version of truth is always mixed with lies, opinions, feelings, emotions, or personal beliefs. Accept only the complete truth…. and there is complete truth in everything…. everything! I will define each to you and what is truth and how to know it is truth.

Truth is based on 100% complete facts and evidence. Some truths may take deeper investigations than others… but all the real facts must agree and be complete and in agreement with all the real direct evidence… and when all your senses are focused and feelings and emotions are under control… your senses will then confirm everything and your emotions will know and your feelings will know… and then you will know absolute truth in your heart and in your mind… everything must be in agreement: the real facts, the direct evidence, all your senses, all your feelings, your emotions,
and your beliefs must agree 100%… that’s absolute truth.
(Example…. IF you are a man… the real facts are there… the direct evidence is there lol… you feel it completely… you sense it completely… you believe it completely… then you know it… thus truth is your a man…. not a woman. Period! The same applys IF you are a woman, your not a man.)

Opinions are based on limted knowledge…. when people do not KNOW complete truth… they add or give what they think… they assume… it may be backed up by a feeling only… or only emotions… or personal beliefs… but never real facts and direct evidence and never all 100% complete truth. Stay away from opinions… don’t give them and don’t accept them… if you don’t know its truth then stay away from it….
(Example… its not your opinion you are a man right… u know you are a man. Got it! Or its not your opinion you are a woman, you know you are a woman. Double Got It!)

Now feelings and emotions are what most women and men rely on only… and if they are not under control then everything gets out of control… they make you speak whatever comes to mind or whatever you are feeling for that one moment… its not even an opinion… its just irrational talk and/or behavior and always for the moment…. NO Truth, NO Facts, NO Evidence… just out of control feelings and emotions. Stay Far Far Away. Feelings and emotions are forever changing when not under control and they constantly change minds and thinking process and peoples actions.
(Example…. I feel I am a woman trapped in a mans body or I feel one plus one equals three.)

Now a persons beliefs without facts and evidence is very dangerous… its not even opinion…. whether it be personal…. relegious… political… and so on… to just believe and have no complete facts is extremely dangerous….. especially when feelings and emotions are out of control.
(Example… I believe I am a woman in a mans body and now act on that and get surgical modifications.. or when a belief drives people to do acts of violence to self or others… see the danger…. people act on what they believe and if you are not acting on truth and have your feelings and emotions under control… life becomes very dangerous.)

So stay away from opinions…. feelings and emotions ONLY…. and definetly peoples beliefs only with no facts and evidence to completely back it up…. seek the truth. That takes wanting to know… getting involved… research…. deep investigations… being humble… controling your emotions and feelings… putting aside personal beliefs and accepting all the real facts and direct evidence. There is truth in everything…. everything!
Some things can be known in a short time… some things may take days, weeks, months, years, or a lifetime.

Now u see why people make crazy choices and do crazy actions… they act on uncontroled feelings or emotions only like anger for example… or act on false beliefs whether personal, relegious, or political but no facts and evidence…. most of the time its a combination of both.

Bad actions lead to bad results in life.
Bad results lead to depression, anger, anxiety, hatred, murder, wrath, perversion, death, disease, sickness, poverty, pain and suffering, suicides, drunkeness, revelings, drugs, prostitution whether for money or for pleasure, lies, theft, and every other evil action and feelings.

The more bad actions taken in life, the more bad results, which leads to more pains and sufferings and then to being lost, confused, hurt, trusts are broken, misguided, mislead, misused, no purpose, lost in the web of half truth and half lies, deception and personal deception. People who just want thier way now, not what is right or what is best, only what benefits themselves. They turn to selfishness, greed, lust, power, and flattery to cover the pain and suffering of the results of bad decesions in life.

That’s why the world is so out of control…. thousands of relegions…. thousands of different beliefs…. everyones got an opinion…. everyone let’s their emotions and feelings get out of control…. everyone believes in false relegions… personal beliefs… political beliefs and noone has taken the time to do the research… ask questions… get involved… investigate and seek all the facts and evidence to know beyond all doubt the truth… people always want to believe a lie…. it feeeeeels better… its helps control emotions…. it looks better… it sounds better… and most of the time people just want their way.

That’s how these very powerful people get control of everything…. they know the world is out of control and the reasons why… they know how to masterfully decieve and tell the world what it wants to hear and give the world what it wants to have… lies. They are masters of deception. Thier agenda is evil. So don’t get caught up in all that… opinions and feelings and emotions and false religious beliefs… 99.9% of the worlds churches and religions and their leaders are false and corrupted. Also 99.9% of world Governments and politics and their leaders are false. Know that 99.9% of the worlds traditions and holidays and customs are false and propaganda to benefit for greed and profit and to confuse your feelings and emotions, with lies and false ancient pagan rituals masked as modern day holidays.

Nothing in this world is yours except one thing that belongs to you… u came in this world with it.. u leave this world with it… “your free will to choose”. Your free will to choose to know or not know… to do or not do… to be or not be…. now with all that understood u can begin to learn the truth. The Truth is easy… most people know the truth, they just dont want to accept it. Lies feel good.

To know the problem is one third of the battle… to know the solution to the problem is another third of the battle… the biggest problem is the last third… DOING the solution. Many people know the problems of this world. Few people know the solutions to the problems of this world. NOBODY want to do the solutions 100% OF THE TIME… a rare few may only when its convient, maybe.

So the Question is: What will you DO when you KNOW the absolute truth?

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